2006 Torino Olympics

When I was little, there were a few occassions when my parents would give us a free pass from sitting together at the dinner table trying to make conversation and let us all eat on tray tables in front of the TV. The Olympics was always one of the best. To this day, I love the Olympics. I watched all two weeks. I tape them each evening and watch them a day later to skip through 3 and 1/2 hours in, oh, about 1.5 hours. I could live the rest of my life without seeing Bob Costas, but I do love watching those amazingly beautiful boys and girls perform their hearts out for our national pride. My favorites this go-round were: Chad Hedrick (fellow Texan), Apollo Anton Ohno, Sasha Cohen, Jonny Wier (you go Grl!), Shaun White, Lindsey Jacobellis, Jamie Silverstein (the 16 yr. old figureskater), Vonetta Flowers (bobsled), and Ted Ligety.
So imagine my joy when I found this! http://www.hotathletes.org/

What I want to know is where was this site when the summer olympics TX-USA swim team was hot? I'm going to go send in my 2c.


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