Oscar hangover - a little fluff for fun

and what a waste. I usually love watching it, the dresses, the shameless display of wealth, t&a, jewels, and crazy presenters (Jack Parr is still my fav), but last night was flat. I was all set to love on Jon Stewart, the wonderful political satirist he is...alas, he was boring, maybe slightly fun at times, but he was no Billy Crystal. Luckily, Clooney Coma (credit to gofugyourself.com for that phrase) hit me early on. He was so beautiful! ME-OW!

There were so many beautiful young ingenue. Each one very appropriately dressed, I was so bored with them. The worst anyone can say this morning is how hideous Charlize Theron's dress was, which, while it was a very lame dress for such a beautiful woman, just pales in comparison to some of the prior years, faux pas.

The ones that remain with me this morning are Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, Dame Judy Dench and Frances McDormand, who was looking very Diane Keatonish! These women blew me away. They look like themselves. Real people. Unlike some of the scary faces of the presenters, or in the case of Dolly-stein, performers. I won't guess whether any of them has had any work done, but they look real, like my beautiful Aunt Dora, who is almost 75 and so elegant. They laughed and ad-libbed. I want to invite them to a dinner party or a girls night out - they would be a so much fun! I loved the contrast of their wise, confident, self-deprecating manners (or so it appeared), to the wooden, stiff and insecure presentations of our current starlets. Dare we hope Angelina, Jennifer, Nicole, Reese, Charlize or Naomi will some day grow into these roles? BTW, where was my hope for the future - Debra Messing?

Not much else to say, not much interesting there. Ciao.


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