Stormy Weather Outside

Two days of weather in the 90s in APRIL and now storms. Beautiful, angry, loud and powerful thunderstorms, on and off-as they should be, for two days. To me these past four days have had an emotional weather symmetry that is perfection. Two days of unexpected overheating and blackouts followed by passionate purging and cleansing. It was nature's way this time. It felt right to me.

Lately, I have been mellowing a little. Stressed, but too busy to think too much. That always helps. The less time I have to mull, the better I feel. A lesson I know, but often ignore. Working out helps, too. Is there anyone who doesn't know this? Why don't we? I can write a 10 page essay on that subject, but bottom line- it is a choice. So, I'm choosing to stop whining (can I really do it, stay tuned to see) and start working out.

To keep busy and start thinking postively, I think I will make a list of 101 things I want to do this year, like Jason T. I enjoyed reading his list and cheering as he accomplished his tasks, whether they were balancing his checkbook, or defining his political ideology, both excellent goals. Since I have no original ideas, I 'm gonna steal his (Thanks Jason). Look for it soon, after I feed, clothes and raise my children, coddle (cannodle) my husband, appease my bosses by doing some of their client's work, direct on the boards of two non-profits and workout. There is my outline of categories for my list.


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