I've found a website that speaks to me. It encompasses both my true love, reading, and my desire to recycle, reuse and conserve resources, mainly mine. www.bookcrossing.com is this crazy international (also important) community of bookworms that believe in sharing books. Why keep them? They just sit on my shelf. Except for those that I love and can't part with (and re-read every two years, mostly Steinbeck and a few other classics), I love to share my books. I have been rummaging through every bookshelf in my house and registering the books. It is amazing the number of books I have borrowed, purchased or stolen that I have not read. My TBR (to be read) pile is now over 20 books!

I also have been trying to stop spending a fortune at the bookstore. It's my favorite indulgence. For the price of postage (about $1.59, media mail rate) I can send a book or receive a book from another bookcrosser. It's a great deal.

I've added the banner to the site. Log in, go hunting, or release a book.


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