This music elevates my soul

Checked in on a fellow Austinite's website who, unlike me, actually lives like an Austinite. She had a link to a fantastic Peruvian black musician's site, Susana Baca, where I found the label's site with an online radio. Amazingly, I already own several of this label's albums. Latin music is the sound of my childhood (along with classical). It reaches my soul the way no other music does; it makes me feel sexy and alive.

I have to start exploring new music. I have always liked to find new stuff. I like this blog called Awesome Until Proven Guilty because they host mp3 and I can listen and decide if I like the group/artist and if I want to hear more, they provide links to websites. How cool is that? Then I can buy the CD or go to iTunes and buy a song or two. They also have a list of many other blogs that host mp3s. I haven't had a chance to browse, yet. I'm working on setting some goals for this year.

#1 Find new music
#2 Go out and listen to live music (i live in the damn live music capital of the world!)
#3 Go out more in general

I'll have to figure out how to make this list into some kind of permanent entry on my site, on the sidebar or something.

#4 Learn more html/template blogging design stuff so I can make this site mine


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